7 Sides Of #BBNaija Housemate Laycon, You May Not Know

1. Unposh Looking

Laycon came on stage wearing an Electricity Shirt. Almost everyone laughed at him because he looked so basic, unposh, and looked like a person you wouldn’t want to associate with at first sight. You know, the type that SARZ would want to arrest. He got into the house, and he looked so out of place amongst the “posh looking” housemates. He didn’t fit.
Others were bonding, but Laycon was in his own corner, by himself, quietly watching and observing. We didn’t know this unposh looking guy was not basic at all..

2. Laycon The Rapper

As Laycon was being mocked on twitter, his music videos were suddenly released.
The beats, the rap, everything about his music was superb. Ah!! So this unposh looking guy could produce this? His videos garnered thousands of views. Boom!! Laycon was trending that same night. In a 360 turn around, the mockery became praises. People rushed to stream his music.
Barely 24 hrs later, his music garnered over 100,000 streams. The interest in Laycon grew.
Meanwhile, in the house, Laycon was also blessing us with snippets of his rap. One time Neo and Erica stared adoringly at him. Another time he held a mini performance for the housemates.

3. Laycon The Aristotle

Our “unposh looking” boy was not slowing down. In almost every serious conversation, he drops wisdom nuggets. The housemates named him, “Wisdom”. We named him, “Aristotle”. In fact, a compilation of his nuggets trended on twitter.

4. Laycon The Marlian

We thought our boy was about music, nuggets, and philosophy.. until the first Saturday night party. He transformed into a Marlian. People laughed that night, and Laycon trended worldwide. Someone said “Laycon is an Aristotle by day and a Marlian at night”

5. Laycon The Intelligent One

From music to philosophy to science to sports, and every other topics discussed in the house, including sex & relationships, Laycon contributes intelligently. He speaks fluently and he’s articulate in speech and choice of words.
In the last Trivia games, Laycon and Ozo led their group to victory. In one of his diary sessions, Laycon and biggie engaged in a moment of intellectual entanglement.

6. Laycon The Self-Confident One

His self confidence is 1000/100. Laycon doesn’t allow his physical looks limit him, or stop him from going for what he likes, including the beautiful girl, who people say is out of his league.
His self confidence makes him challenge disrespect. You can’t demean him or make him cower. He brandishes his self confidence with such finesse, devoid of insolence.
His self confidence is the thing I admire most about him.

7. Laycon The Emotional One

We thought stanning Laycon would be a walk in the park. Lol… We were in for a rude shocker. He fell for beautiful Erica. And we got to see him so vulnerable, struggling with the need to calm down his emotions and the fear of loosing his friend, Erica. The roller coaster ride of emotions has not been easy for him and us, his fans, this last week. Some of us are still on the mountain praying that he will bounce back soon. The hash tag, LayconIsFocused, trended because we nee him to get his emotional state back. Hopefully, he’s picking up.

We’re watching Laycon unravel his strengths and weaknesses. You can join us in this journey. We can’t promise it will be smooth, because there are times you may want to slap him.

Source:- Edysparkles

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