#BBNaija: “Carrying mop on your head like fool” Erica and Lucy Fight Word to Word

Just this evening, Erica and Lucy had a face-off which saw Erica sternly warning Lucy to mind her business and stay away from her affairs with Kiddwaya.

Recall that Lucy had engaged in an altercation with after Nengi confronted Lucy for talking about her.

Earlier today, Lucy had made a snide remark about Kidd being the neck, that if the neck couldn’t turn (perform well) then the fault is from the head.

Erica was uncomfortable with such innuendo because she in thus scenario is the head as she won the Head of House yesterday and chose Kiddwaya as deputy. She had to confront Lucy to explain what she meant by Kidd being the neck.

Lucy started prevaricating and had to call Kidd to intervene.

Erica hushed her, telling her not to call Kidd. She insisted that Lucy must explain what she insinuated earlier since she was the one that made the statement.

Lucy said she (Erica) was responsible for what she understood from her statement. She had said what she had said and it meant nothing.

Erica then said: “Ok, it better not mean shit! Because you have been having problems with everyone in the house, better not say shit to me”

Meanwhile, Lucy was guffawing like an old hag, mumbling words like “Lucy have suffered”…if your brain doesn’t understand anything, or interprete things wrongly, you are on your own”…

Erica flared up again, calling Lucy names like fool, carrying mop on your head like fool, stop subbing me. Talk to me to my face if you want to talk to me.

Nengi was apparently happy as she carried her plate of food. She really wanted more to go down between Lucy and Erica but Erica was done.

Laycon was completely out of the picture. He didn’t bother to look at their direction and went about his business.

Later, she (Erica) was seen in the Head of House lounge cuddling with Kidd. Kidd consoles her and mildly tells her to avoid stressing herself over issues in the house.

Holding her passionately, he tells her that she would be a great actress after the show. It was really a sweet moment watching the duo.

Meanwhile, Erica looks so beautiful even when angry. 😍😍

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