#BBNaija: Erica Begged Laycon To Protect Her From Kiddwaya But This Later Happened

Why has being a gentleman become such a rare commodity? Laycon’s actions in the Big Brother House have earned him a great reputation, even if it is breaking his heart slowly but surely.

Watching Laycon hold a candle for Erica has been nothing short heartbreaking. With each passing day, his preferred partner drifts deeper into another man’s arms, and we have to ask, is Laycon robbing himself of happiness?

Take a look at the man Erica chose to give her heart to, Kiddwaya. He has been a serial flirt and though Erica was one of his targets, she wasn’t his first choice like she was for Laycon. Dedication and perseverance are marks of success and Laycon has persevered to stay close to her at all times, even though his hope of a ‘ship is all but gone.

When it comes to respecting boundaries, they don’t come any better than Laycon. While most other men would have forced a kiss, Laycon’s patient manner, and calm demeanour has shown that in the race to win Erica’s heart, he’s a marathon runner and not a sprinter.

The best example of Laycon’s respect was when a heavily tipsy Erica was ready to kiss him while they danced at the party and, he chose to keep avoiding it. As this wasn’t how he wanted his first kiss with her to be, he took the high road no matter what it took.

When the party was over Laycon still ensured that even though Erica was unable to make the correct decisions, she was safe to sleep without the threat of someone trying to take advantage of her. If all men had his moral fibre the world would be a better place by far.

Too bad moral fibre doesn’t win hearts because if it did, someone else would be holding the candle that Laycon has become used to carrying.

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