How To Activate Mtn 100MB Daily June 2021 Free Browsing on Stark VPN

Yes most of you seem to still be enjoying the airtel unlimited and the glo unlimited free browsing that was shared some weeks ago on this same platform. Strictly for educational purposes, okay. Ways on how you can enjoy the mtn 100MB free data on a daily basis but you should know Stark VPN is used to cater the unlimited and other’s.

Stark VPN is also still available that will help you to cater 9mobile unlimited free browsing too and others but we are not into that today for we are just going to be providing guides on how you make use of 100MB data on a daily basis follow up to the end of this artist.

Requirements For The Mtn 100MB daily June. 

Mtn sim without data or airtime.

4G or 3G internet network recommended.

Stark VPN Reloaded download from here.

For your info we will be making use of Stark VPN reloaded to get this mtn free browsing work for you.

How To Activate Mtn 100MB Daily On Stark VPN Reloaded 2021 June

  • Open your Stark VPN Reloaded and update the server.
  • After the server and tweak has been updated using the update button

  • Noe click on the tweak section and find the tweak.
  • NG Mtn 100MB Daily and select it.

Then click on the connect button, but before you do. That makes sure you have turned on your data connection.

It’s just normal mtn 100MB or 50MB data that you always make use of using stark VPN earlier so in summary download stark VPN and get it connected to your phone straight forward.

Enjoy your mtn 100MB data on a daily basis which is the data capes and stay tuned or come back to see more related posts.

Disclaimer: we are not in any way responsible for any free internet or free browsing cheat, all we do and capable of is to provide articles for information and educational purposes only.

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