How To Browse With Mtn 500MB E-learning Data Using Toco VPN Daily

You might have been hearing of the mtn e-learning 500MB for quite a long time right which you were able to browse all site with it or you was unable to browse with it well with the help of this tunnel VPN call Toco VPN you will be able to browse with it and make use of the mtn 500MB e-learning data on a daily basis.

Now what you have to do is to follow the steps and procedures that are needed below carefully and gradually to get everything to work for you to read carefully.

How To Activate MTN E-learning 500MB On Toco VPN 

  1. Firstly download the VPN from play store, click here
  2. After that open the VPN and turn on your alternative line that is present with data.
  3. Find the option menu, update tweak on the VPN it’s located on the menu option when you click the menu button.
  4. Wait for it to update on the main menu, find or goto the main menu of the VPN after it has updated completely.
  5. Now select the server and find the server name MTN 500MB daily and select it
  6. Also on the tweak section find the tweak named MTN 500MB daily with Nigeria logo on it.
  7. After that go ahead and connect to the VPN wait for some second it will connect.
  8. But make sure you don’t have any data on your mtn that you will connect with the VPN.
  9. And its will connect straight forward.

Once it connects, just minimize it and keep browsing till the data hits 500MB.

You can visit this site here to get the 500MB before you can go ahead and connect to the VPN respectively.

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