I Can’t Date Someone Like You, You’ll Give Me BP – Erica Tells Kiddwaya

The most talked about housemates in the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) is Erica and Kiddwaya. The two have created suspense and drama in the past few days. Kiddwaya is one of the most handsome men in the house and Erica is also one of the most beautiful girl in the house.

Last night Erica who has a chit chat with Laycon told him she thinks the relationship between herself and Kiddwaya will not hot because she has realized Kiddwaya seems to flirt with the other female housemates. She also disclosed to Laycon that Kiddwaya doesn’t seem to take her serious.

Erica who was worried told Laycon that she wants a serious partner since she’s 26 years old and needs a serious commitment from her man. In her words she said “if you are blind folded, will you still be attracted to your partner”? Laycon however, advised her to stay focus and also have an honest conversation with Kiddwaya.

After her chat with Laycon, Erica moved to Kiddwaya’s bed and had a chat with him. She disclosed to him how she feels he’s not being serious with her and how he has been flirting with other female housemates. She said “I can’t date someone like you. You’re going to give me High blood pressure”.

Reacting to her comment, Kiddwaya said “I’m just vibes, I have different intimacy with different girls but am serious about you no jokes”.

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