‘I Would Rather Be Single Than End Up As Someone’s Option’-Actress Peju Johnson Speaks On Being A Second Wife


Nollywood actress Peju Johnson has placed her two cents on polygamous marriage and in her preference, she would rather stay single than be a second wife to a man regardless of the man’s wealth.

Peju Johnson revealed in an interview with Punch that she can never be someone’s option because she is far beyond that.

She said;

“It is better to be single than being a side chick or a second wife. I am more than just an option. I would rather be single than end up as someone’s option.”

Peju also touched on finding true love and in her words,

“I am a believer that true love exists and I am ready to give it. When I am in love, I love with all my heart. Though it scares men and they don’t always believe my love is real because they are used to getting fake love. So, they end up losing the real and true love. I am sure lots of women will support me on this. True love can still be found.”

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