Latest Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For August 2020

The is newly discovered free browsing cheat on glo network which seems somehow related to same glo unlimited that we make use of towards October December as of last year or being of this month, the brief of the glo unlimited browsing cheat was that we get a glo sim then migrant to yakata plan the we load card worth of 100 or 200 the we start browsing unlimitedly.

The cheat go viral and enjoy usage of such cheat, there is not a lot different in the latest one too, the slighter different is just that Our glo sim have to be on New Glo Yakata and not normal yakata plan, And also is power up with some that we always make use of before.

Without too much talk let switch to how we can get the glo unlimited free browsing start working with the speed of light.

Requirements For The Latest Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat April 2020

  • Android Device
  • Phone must capable of hold a strong 3G Or 4G network
  • Glo sim card (New one is recommend because of the plan Glo New Yakata plan)
  • N100 Or N200 Credit, it used to get the Glo New yakata Bonus.
  • VPN ,  Get 24Clan Lite VPN or EC tunnel VPN Recommended. get any of the VPN from here

Now switch to how you can be able to check if your sim is on glo new yakata and how you can migrate to the plan if you are lucky, mostly available for old users.

How To Migrate To Glo New Yakata Plan

  1. Dial this code to Migrate to the glo plan *230#
  2. Use this code to confirm your migration #100#
  3. Use this code to load your account *123#
  4. Use the code to check your glo data balance *127*0#

NOTE: Is quite recommended as we said earlier you should get a new glo sim because most new sims came with the tariff plan of Glo New Yakata plan.

How To Configuration Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For April 2020

  1. Load your glo line with credit worth of N100 or N200 When you have Confirmed you are on Glo New Yakata plan.
  2. You will be given 40MB if you load 100 and 200M if you load 200 Naira worth of glo airtime so it’s left for you to know the one you will go for.
  3. Open any of the VPN states above 24Clan lite VPN or EC tunnel VPN.
  4. On the tweak menu option select the tweak NG|Glo New Yakata Unlimited or NG|Glo unlimited  any related one you find there it will work.
  5. Go to the server option for 24clan lite VPN select server for Netherland or Singapore and for EC Tunnel Select any server you prefer.
  6. Go back and click on connect Located on the circle tap on the VPN.
  7. Wait for some seconds until it connects.

Turn your data connection on and  you can now start browsing unlimitedly without your data being touched either you load N100 or N200 it will both work, the disadvantage of this tweak or cheat is that when the data that was gifted to you got expired the VPN will disconnect and you won’t be able to browse unlimitedly any more. All you have to do is to load another glo 100 or glo 200 again to keep on surfing the Internet in an unlimited way.

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That’s all if you have any questions ask us in the comment section below.

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