Nigerian popular online comedienne dies from her kidney problem

Nigerian popular online comedienne has been reported dead.

The news is still sketchy , as many on social media have already started sharing their heartfelt condolences to her family .

Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a kidney problem that left her incapacitated for months now. she was reported to have been receiving treatment in a hospital in Abuja for the kidney problem she’s battling with.

Ada Jesus birthday was recently celebrated on the 19th of april, 2020. In the photos and videos which were shared online, she was seen posing with Harrison and a few other people, with her birthday cake, bottles of wine and packets of juice in front of her.

it had been reported that the comedienne claimed that a Nigerian prophet connived with a popular Nollywood actress by the name Edochie to stage fake miracles.

However, months after she made the allegations, Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a kidney problem that left her incapacitated. Indaboski as he is fondly called was seen in the video, refusing to pray for the sick Ada Jesus, vowing her generations will suffer for the insults and lies against her.

RIP Ada Jesus Mercy!

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