Nigerians Touched By Photos Of Lucy Selling Roasted Plantain Before Joining BBNaija 2020

Nigerians are touched by photos of Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Lucy, selling roasted plantain after it popped up on social media.

The 30-year-old socialite, who revealed she has no house to live in as her rent expires this month was seen in the latest pictures busily roasting plantain and making it ready for sale.

The pictures have elicited sympathy from Nigerians over her hustling background and many took to social media to pray for her wishing she stays in the house a little longer.

See how Nigerians reacted to the pictures below;

yuwelcumm wrote “Imagine! Mad oh. Would she have been in the same space with them if not because of BBN this year. Probably not. Life is amazing!. All the best Lu”

fig8kimberly wrote “Wow that’s inspiring “

gallant_u.c wrote “she is a hustler”

sayomiakin wrote “I’m proud of her.”

marshnello_ wrote “I hope she doesn’t get evicted on Sunday and stays in the house a little longer ..In her conversation with Prince not long she said she had no place to stay , that prior to when she entered the house she had to drop her things with her friend as rent had expired, she is an orphan too.. leaving the house too early would be emotionally distabilizing for now..she won’t win but at least let her stay in the house for some more time”

lizinomonami wrote “There is dignity in labour.”

mokgadibosman wrote “Wish she wins another 500k before she lives this Sunday so she can start a formal business n I hope cleaning products n food products use her. But Sunday she must go”

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