Police Brutality: Sparkle Tee recounts how policemen arrested and messed him up for overtaking their car

Sparkle Tee shared a personal experience with the Nigerian police as he berated the Nigerian government for doing nothing to address the police brutality.

Recounting an incident which occurred recently, the singer said he was allegedly arrested by policemen.

According to Sparkle Tee, the policemen arrested him and some other people for allegedly overtaking their van. Sparkle Tee further stated that he was taken to onitsha cps where the policemen messed him up and this has been the third time he was arrested for commiting no crime.

He said he was later bailed that night and urges people to visit onitsha cps to witness how innocent inmates are being arrested for no reason.

Affirming that Nigerians are being punished and police brutality is still going on despite the protests that were held to stop them.

Sparkle Tee wrote:

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