See The “Bro Code” Gesture Ozo And Prince Did While Nengi Was Talking About Her Ex-boyfriend

The drama in the Big Brother Naija house keeps getting intriguing and interesting. The housemates decide to have a chat at the garden. Housemates Ozo and Prince were seen displaying the infamous mute ”bro code” conversation.

Housemate Nengi was telling Ozo and Prince about her Ex-boyfriend and how he used to visit him even when they broke up. She recounted how she used to visit his Ex-boyfriend during school days just to see his face.

While she was talking, Ozo looked at Prince’s face and made a sign with his hands. He touched his chest and pretended like he was taking out his heart from his body and placed it in his pocket. He later placed his hand on his head, carried his brains and placed them in his chest. This is one of the ”bro code” of guys which states that when dealing with a girl, you should use your head and not your heart.

Some Twitter users have reacted to the bro code…..

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