Social Media Is A Place Of War, It’s The Cause Of Nigeria’s Current State – Rudeboy Reveals

Nigerian singer Rudeboy has blamed social media for Nigeria’s current situation as he classifies it as a place of war where everything is possible.

According to him, social media has turned to a place where young ones insult their elders freely without thinking about it because no one is going to punish them.

Adding that social media has turned father’s day into drama’s day, where family issues, marriage, and relationship issues are discussed and not being kept a secret.

To him, social media has been the downfall of Nigeria as that’s why the country is in this state as he recounts what his father once told him.

He said his father once told him that Nigeria is in ‘bad’ shape because of the war but now that isn’t the case because Nigeria is in ‘bad’ shape because of social media.

Screenshots below:-

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